Pools are an essential part of the South African culture. We are designing multiple pools throughout the estate to accommodate for workout use as well as personal enjoyment. All the pools on the estate will be heated by the latest solar power technology so that the pools can be used year round regardless of the outside temperature. Student activity in all pools will always be closely monitored by CCTV cameras as well as by a full time lifeguard/aqua-fitness trainer. All children will always be supervised by an adult at all times.

Water has long been known to be very therapeutic and is known to have many health benefits. For this reason, we are making it our mission to ensure that water is always available to our children for sports as well as relaxation.

“After my parents died in 2002 I often found myself depressed and stressed out throughout the day. There were times that I would just drift off alone with my thoughts. I began to swim and found that this took my mind off what I was dealing with, and really a time where the Lord could minister to me and commune with me. The water had a very therapeutic outcome over me. Swimming helped me through many days” ~Prophet Blaine


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