Our Facilities

The Judah Estate provides some of the most sought after living facilities for underprivileged children in and around Southern Africa. The estate will include:


  • Personal Sleeping Quarters
  • Swimming Pools
  • Theatre
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Farm
  • Chapel
  • Farm and Animal Sanctuary
  • Clinic


  • and Much More

The estate will also be the home of Judah School International, offering one of the most advanced educational curriculums around the world which guides each learner into being successful in their careers as young adults.

The Judah Estate is set to be one of Africa’s finest success incubators. This will be the place for children to have a life, and to excel in all they were called to do. While we will rely on financial contributions, the blueprint and strategy is to encompass businesses within our estate that will help us become more self sufficient.

Every part of the estate will help groom, grow, and facilitate students to be successful during and after their stay at Judah. Many organizations are left with
no choice but to put those who have aged out of the system, back on the streets where many of them came from. Here at Judah, we understand that it is impossible to drop a young adult onto the African streets and expect them to be successful. Thus, we believe in the continuance of mentorship and encouragement of our adult youth, even after they leave The Judah Estate.