Media Studios

Thousands of young people all over the world dream of working in television and radio but do not have the funding to further their education. Our media studios along with our partnership with Worship Online Network, LLC (WONTV) will provide our students the opportunity to learn how to write and produce programming for television and radio from concept to final production.

Students whose work is published on any Worship Online Network, LLC will earn a percentage or royalty for their published work. Our production team will also teach the students how to copyright and sell their content to outside networks worldwide.

Each and every student will be personally managed and overseen by Prophet Blaine, who will ensure that the students’ work is traded at a fair price and will ensure that each student saves a large percentage of their income and is able to spend a small portion of it on things they desire.

Judah Radio will operate 24/7 from the Judah Estate and will broadcast live at 128 kbps worldwide. Judah Radio will keep everyone at The Judah Estate up-to-date with what is going on in the outside world throughout the day.

Students will also have the opportunity work in the Judah Radio studio as news readers, producers, and on air personalities. All positions will be paid during the time that the students are working in the studio..

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