Judah Education

The Judah Estate has a unique view on education. In a nation where 27-million inhabitants (54%) live below the poverty line it is imperative that we teach the youth of today to be the business owners of tomorrow. Our education system is developed by a hand full of wolrd class educators who have come together with a common goal in mind, building the future of great minds.

We have hand picked world class educators from around the world to help develop our educational curriculum from the ground up.
As we develop our education system we believe that we can give our students the best possible chance at success worldwide.
We do not believe in standardized schooling but rather that each student is unique and should so be treated accordingly.

Education is about learning a path rather than placing all children in a box and expecting them to learn.
The length of the school year will be determined but is most likely to follow a similar length to that of schools in America.
Our children will not be tested at the end of each term to determine their success but rather evaluated on each assignment.
We strive to have the best education for our children, an education system that is unique to the world.