Judah Ambassador

Judah Ambassadorship is a very important part of who we are here at The Judah Estate. Our Judah Ambassadors are our public face to the world and represent The Judah Estate worldwide. The Ambassadors are the core of who we are and are the light of Judah through the world.

Our Ambassadors also scout out the land for new territory to set up and build new estates in southern african and around the world. They are also in charge of sharing the good news to the world about what we do here at The Judah Estate and help us raise money, awareness and support for everything we do here at The Judah Estate.

Our Judah Ambassadors take their position as a Judah ambassador very seriously by boldly and confidently telling people everywhere they go about this great new “nation” In order to qualify to be a Judah Ambassador applicants must be able to show an extreme amount of love and patience while telling the world about this great place that God has called into existence.

“And he said unto them, Go into all the world, and tell everyone the good news you have heard.”


If you would like to register to be a part of the Judah family and represent The Judah Estate in your region of the world you can apply by clicking the link below. Please be advised that this is not for everyone and not everyone will be accepted into this program.

Once you have registered one of our dedicated staff will contact you for an interview.
Please make sure to fill out all your correct information as this will be used on your profile.

Thank you for considering becoming a part of the Judah family as an ambassador.

Much Love

Prophet Blaine