Physical activity is a vital part of keeping our children healthy. While physical activity is not uncommon in South Africa, we are working closely with accredited health experts and physical education trainers to ensure that each of our children get adequate physical training, that is well suited and not overly strenuous, for their body type.

Our state of the art gym and training staff will help our teens and pre-teens stay healthy and in shape at all times. Here at Judah, we understand that our bodies are a temple of the Lord. Therefore we will provide a fitness program to ensure that everyone remains happy and healthy all year round.

Almost everyone knows that there are health benefits to being active, but some research has shown that activity can actually curb hunger and can cause individuals to have added energy levels every day.

Our gym will feature classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Aqua Training Workouts, Aerobics, Personal Training, Cardio, Cycling and much more.

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