Dining Room

The center of it all

The family dining room for generations has been a place of prayer, family and fellowship for generations. It is the place where everyone comes together to talk about their day. We want to keep the Judah dining room the same. That is why we will carry the same homey feel into the dining area by using regular dining room furniture.

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Consistency is very important to the welfare of our children.
We do our very best to closely mimic the look and feel of a .
regular home.

The JUDAH Dining ROom

Unlimited Fruit Bowl

Our children are encouraged to go to the dining room during non-meal times to enjoy from our available fruit bowl. Encouraging health along with our Natural LivingĀ® healthy diet.

Family Fellowship

Being comfortable is the first goal but everyone is encouraged to spend time at different dinner tables to keep the flow of community going within the family.

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