The sleeping arrangements at Judah will resemble that of a regular family home. Every large dorm will have small “rooms” sectioned off to give each child a sense of belonging and an area to call their own. Each dorm will be separated into 12 separate rooms, each one separated by a wall, making it comfortable and cosy.

In each walled-off section, we will include a Double Bed with drawers beneath, a Clothes Dresser, a Desk, and a few other items.

Privacy is not something that is common in most children’s homes or orphanages, however, it is something that important to us here at Judah because it gives the children a space of their own, similar to that of a regular home environment.

In the center of each dorm we will place a sitting area with a couch and TV for relaxation as well as a community desk where the children can come together to do homework, fellowship, and take care of necessary day-to-day task with their house mom.

Attached to each dorm is a bathroom with showers, toilets, sinks and an area for additional storage. The children will be assigned shared showers and sinks. Providing that the child is physically capable, he/she will be expected to clean his/her own bathroom and bedroom.