A Place To Call
their own

We want every child that is stationed at Judah to feel the comforts of a real home. That is why we have gone the extra mile to insure that everyone at Judah experiences the most “normal” home environment as possible even up to our Personal Comfort Program (PCP)

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As shown in our sample graphic
every dorm will divided into sections called “rooms”
This will give each child a sense of belonging and an area
to call their own.

fall in love with JUDAH ROOMS

Dedicated Rooms (Privacy)

Privacy is not something that is common in most children’s homes or orphanages, however, it is something that important to us here at Judah. Privacy gives the children a space of their own, similar to that of a regular home environment.

Community Builder

In the center the dorm will be a community area where the children will have the opportunity to come together and fellowship. In each section will be a couch and TV for relaxation as well as a table for homework, games and much more

Small Dorms Sizes

Small dorm sizes make for a relaxed environment. Each dorm is separated into 12 separate sleeping quarters to accomodate 12 children. This keeps our children at peace and stress FREE.

Dedicated Bathrooms

In the rear of each dorm is a bathroom with showers, toilets, sinks and an area for additional storage. The children are assigned shared showers and sinks. Older students will be taught how to clean his/her own bathroom and bedroom as a part of the Home Life Program®

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